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October 18, 2018 docs

2018/10/18 Changelog

Features Duplicating Pages: Click on the “…” on a page, and create a duplicate! All fields are copied over, and the status is set to “draft”. Updates Switching Templates: Updated the behaviour when switching a page’s template: When switching to an FMT with defaults: • New fields should be set to the default • Existing fields should not be set to the default • Hidden fields should always be set to the default

October 16, 2018 docs

2018/10/16 Changelog

Sunsets Data Files: We changed the way we handle data files. They are now imported using contenct sections. Enhancements Deployment Logs: Forestry now collects logs from deployment and makes them available through the Notification UI. Sidebar Settings: The list of sections now contains more information about the type of section and the content it includes. Site Brand: The Forestry Logo inside the CMS now behaves like a link i.

October 11, 2018 docs

2018/10/11 Changelog

Bug Fixes Read Only Documents: Fixed bug that broke Read Only docs when switching directly from another page. WYSIWYG Editor: Fixed bug that caused the editor to silently break when pasting multiline bold text from Word documents. Enhancements Sortable List Field: Items can now be sorted using touch on mobile.

October 5, 2018 docs

2018/10/05 Changelog

Bug Fixes VuePress Publishing: Fixed bug preventing publishing to VuePress sites when the build directory was not set in the config. Title Hashes: Fixed issue where having a non-string title for document would cause the document list to blow up. Improvements Sidebar Config: Improved the drag and drop experience when re-ordering sections. Performance Initial CMS Load: Removed duplicate requests that slowed the initial page load.

October 1, 2018 docs

2018/10/01 Changelog

Bug Fixes Editor: Fix for: Readonly documents not being readonly Minor Adjustments Allow Select lists to be used as the field label in repeatable groups

September 28, 2018 docs

2018/09/28 Changelog

Bug Fixes Editor: Fix for: having links in a table causes issues. Fix for: ordered list-items in a front matter field repeat after 0-9. Minor Adjustments Preview button links to docs in Vuepress sites. Deployment tab links to docs in Vuepress sites. Include Fields & Blocks graduate out of beta. Vuepress graduates out of beta. Importing a Vuepress site links to sidebar config settings page.

September 19, 2018 docs

2018/09/24 Changelog

Features Publish/Preview Commands: You can now specify the commands to run when publishing and previewing your site. This is noteworthy for two reasons: Preprocess Scripts (e.g. gulp/webpack) VuePress Support Create Directories: It is now possible to create directories from inside of Forestry. This can be configured at the section level. Bug Fixes Relative Dir Config: Fixed a bug in Jekyll sites where setting the source value in the _config.

September 14, 2018 docs

2018/09/14 Changelog

Enhancements Select Fields: If you have “Enable Datafile Sections” set, you can now hook up select-fields to read from Document Fields Bug Fixes Editor: Fixing validation on front matter fields Media: Don’t show media delete button in the add-media modal

September 12, 2018 docs

2018/09/12 Changelog

Enhancements IPV6: Forestry now fully support for IPV6 Jekyll Previews: Improved support for users previewing Jekyll sites using Gem-based themes. Bug Fixes Markdown Editor: Fixed bug that prevented VuePress users from writing custom containers. Menus: Fixed bug that incremented menu-weights on re-saving new menu items Added horizontal scroll to menus if they overflowed off-screen

September 10, 2018 docs

2018/09/10 Changelog

Bug Fixes Create Document Form: Fixed bug that causes the form to be reset “randomly”. Readonly Documents: No longer are locked when being viewed. Logo: Started suppressing console error that isn’t actually a problem. Menus: Fixed issue where menu item weights would sometimes get jumbled after adding a new item. Jekyll Previews: Fixed an issue which caused Jekyll previews to not open at the correct URL.