End of Life

This message was sent to all admins of sites last month. I’m sharing it here too incase some people missed the email. To get future emails about Forestry, sign up here:

We will be discontinuing on April 22nd, 2023. At that time, your public site will not be impacted but you will lose the ability to edit your site’s content with

Our new product, TinaCMS, came out of beta last month and now supports all frameworks. We would be happy if you chose it as your new CMS and we will release a migration tool in January if you want to test TinaCMS on your site.

We made this pivot to Tina to innovate with visual editing, Git-backed content. We‘re bringing a drag and drop, visual editing experience to a developer-controlled, open-source, Git-backed CMS. And I’m very encouraged by the sites and CMS experiences I’m seeing from our users.

For sites that do not use React, or for teams who don’t want visual editing, Tina can be used in basic editing mode. This looks and feels a lot like Forestry but without the ability to preview your content.

Tina and Forestry have many similarities but they are different products and I want to highlight some key differences that might impact you:

  1. Tina is not at feature parity with Forestry. A list of features that Forestry offers that are not available in Tina can be found here. Some of the “planned” features will be available before April but some will not.
  2. Tina’s pricing is different from Forestry’s and is designed to make our business more sustainable. Those of you who would not be within the limits of Tina’s free plan and do not wish to pay for Tina might benefit from our upcoming self-hosted solution (Q1 2023).
  3. Tina will likely only support GitHub repositories on April 22. Although, technically savvy users could build a custom integration for GitLab, BitBucket, etc, with our upcoming self-hosted solution.

For those who wish to migrate, we’re excited about the future and would love to see you on Tina. I’ll send message in January when our migration tool is available but if you are eager to explore Tina now, you can follow this migration guide (developer required). Note, we’ll be adding more missing features to Tina in the coming months.

Thank you for being patient as we built the next iteration of our vision.